Friday, October 18, 2019

Gardners Art Through The Ages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gardners Art Through The Ages - Essay Example Most of the artistic works in the book try to show that those who requested some artistic works wanted to separate themselves from the poor. In our world today, human beings do everything to separate themselves from the poor and associate themselves with the rich. It is ironical that those who made some of the luxurious art works that cost a lot of money were poor. Those who managed to order artistic works were people who were wealthy. From the building of pope’s palace by pope Paul, it clearly shows that it is all about wealth. This is because he ordered a luxurious palace. Thus, from the beginning, human beings do things in order to separate themselves from the poor. Some even do things not because they like it but because they want to show to the world that they are wealthy. In the current era of civilization, it is also inevitable to talk about wealth and poverty. This is because there is increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor. Rich always do things that separate them from the poor. They will rather buy meal in an expensive hotel than mix with the poor in an ordinary hotel. Expensive cars, expensive mobile phones, expensive jewelry and other expensive materials aim at separating the rich from the poor. In the current civilization, it is evident that the poor have no place. All that people do in the current era of civilization closely relate with money.... He even hired Bramante, a renowned artist and architect, to design it. This portrays the theme of wealth. This is because Pope Julius did not want to portray Rome as poor, but rich, and that is why he aimed at beautifying Rome. He even went further to design his own tomb, which took a lot of artistic work. All this was because of wealth since wealth ensured that artistic works of such caliber went to completion (Gardner and Kleiner 259). Another artistic work is the construction of lavish palace called Palazzo Farnese by Michelangelo. This was after Pope Paul III requested its creation. This was a sophisticated design to match the standard of the pope. Pope wanted to make Rome a splendid place and that is why he sought architectural prowess from recognized artists. The palace was three-dimensional mass just to show how lavish it was. It also constituted overlapping pilasters just to make it lavish and sophisticated. This splendid artwork was the one that set the pace for Italian pala ce. This showed an extent people could go to make earth their heaven. It is evident from the description of this artwork that wealth played a crucial role. Wealth ensured that the beautiful pope palace reached its completion. Thus, this artistic work depicts theme of wealth and poverty. The other artistic work is the building of Villa Rotonda by Palladio. This artistic work involved constructing the building at the top of the hill. This aimed at providing a beautiful view. It contained four identical facades resembling the four compass planes. Each porch provided a different view. It closely resembled the roman ionic temple. This artwork is splendid in that it enables one to have different views of the

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